To become a member please complete the following three steps:

  1. Complete the Application for Membership below.
  2. Send your curriculum vitae to
  3. Pay the membership fee (see below).


Your application will be reviewed by the IBCN Board and you will be notified by e-mail of your status.

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Application for Membership

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IBCN Membership Dues
50,00 EUR
( Exkl. Mehrwertsteuer und Versandkosten )

The membership fee is 50 euro per year and can be paid directly using PayPal. To initiate payment click on “In den Warenkorb". For English translation option please right click mouse and select English translation.

The membership fee is 50 euro per year and can be transfered to the following account as well if unable to use PayPal:

International Bladder Cancer Network
IBAN: DE26 7625 0000 0040 0741 55

Invoice: €50.00

State: Your name + Annual fee €50.00

Summary from the by-laws with regards to membership issues
§ 3: Members
  1. The society comprises full members and junior members. In addition, honorary and corresponding membership is possible.
  2. An application for membership can be filed, independently from place of residence or working place, by physicians (MDs) and scientists (PhDs), who are scientifically working in the field of diagnosis and therapy of bladder cancer. Residents (not board certified), scientists in the preparatory phase of their PhD and or post-docs in their early phase of their career can apply for a junior membership. Scientists fulfilling the requirements of §4 section 2 can be announced to become honorary members.
§ 4: Acceptance of Membership
  1. Active or junior membership is granted upon written application to the board of the society. This has to include detailed personal information and information on the professional status and scientific interest in accordance with §3 Section 2. The board decides on the application based upon the majority of votes.
  2. Scientist who have contributed in an outstanding way to improvement of diagnosis and therapy of bladder cancer or have greatly supported the society may be announced to be honorary members. A proposal can be filed by any full or junior member of the society. The proposal must be submitted to the president of the society prior to March 31. The board of the society takes a decision on the proposal by simple majority. The honorary membership is officially announced at the subsequent annual meeting of the society. Honorary members do have the rights of full members without their obligations.
§ 5: Membership Fees
  1. Every full member (§ 3 Section 1) is obliged to pay an annual membership fee. The actual amount is subject to a decision by the general assembly. At acceptance of a new member the annual fee for the entire business year is due. For financing specific projects of the society or to balance financial deficits apportionments can be collected. The amount and time for payment will be decided on by the general assembly. Retired members can be relieved from payment of membership fees upon written request.
  2. Honorary members are exempted from the payment of membership fees.
  3. Full members not exempted from the payment of membership fees, who do not pay their membership fees despite two written reminders from the treasurer over more than one year are expelled from the society and will be notified upon this fact by the treasurer.
  4. The board of the society is entitled to release members from payment of membership fees or apportionments or defer the payment if considered adequate.
§ 6: Resignation
  1. The resignation of a member must be announced in written form to the office of the society the latest 3 months before the end of the business year.
§ 7: Exclusion
  1. Members affecting the reputation of the society can be excluded from the society by the general assembly upon request by the board. A respective Stepp must be announced to the members the latest 14 days prior to the general assembly in a written form. The exclusion requires two/thirds of the votes of the members present at the general assembly. The voting is conducted by a ballot. In case of confirmation of the proposal the board announces the exclusion immediately after the decision. The decision is forwarded to the excluded member in written form.


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